Raw Materials

We stock a range of raw materials and ingredients which are often difficult to source or only available in large quantities, to allow drink-makers to experiment and utilise these products.

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Dehydrated Fruit Wheels

Fruity Flavours

All our dehydrated products are naturally air-dried.

Our standard fruit range includes lemon, lime, orange, pineapple and grapefruit wheels.

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Dehydrated Fruit Peels

Peel it!

All our dehydrated fruit peels are produced from local fruit and pre-treated to remove any trace chemicals.

They are naturally air-dried and contain no added sulphur or preservatives.

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Botanical Bags & Spices

Spice it up

All our botanical bags are packed to order using quality spices and botanicals purchased from local small-scale suppliers. Our spices and botanicals are available in 1kg, 250g and 65g bags.

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