Premium Dried Fruit and Bar Products

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Dehydrated Fruit Wheels

Fruity Flavours

All our dehydrated products are naturally air-dried.

Our standard fruit range includes lemon, lime, orange, pineapple and grapefruit wheels.

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Dehydrated Fruit Peels

Peel it!

All our dehydrated fruit peels are produced from local fruit and pre-treated to remove any trace chemicals.

They are naturally air-dried and contain no added sulphur or preservatives.

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Botanical Bags & Spices

Spice it up

All our botanical bags are packed to order using quality spices and botanicals purchased from local small-scale suppliers. Our spices and botanicals are available in 1kg, 250g and 65g bags.

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House Brand

The Cape Town Garnish Co emerged through a desire to create more sustainable products for the beverage industry. This began by trying to reuse our own unused or discarded produce to create new products.

We now focus on producing unique retail products through innovative production processes that make use of seasonal produce and utilize every part of an ingredient to limit as much waste as possible.

Our cocktail garnish product range includes dehydrated fruit, botanical and spice bags, syrups, cordials, and other bespoke bar products. They are completely natural, contain no added sulphur, no preservatives, and are 100% vegan.

These products are hand-made small scale using ingredients that are ethically sourced that support local producers. They are intended to be a premium, long-lasting and convenient option whether at home or in a commercial bar.

Our vision is to continue to create new products that can normally only be made in-house but are widely available and produced with care. In doing so we aim to enhance conscious bartending and create a more sustainable beverage industry.